The Black River Gorges National Park on the highlands in central Mauritius stretches over more than 50 km and is a sight to behold. The best view is probably from the viewpoint on the way to Chamarel, famous for the world-unique seven coloured earth. There are two of these and the views are spectacular.

The viewpoints also provide a fantastic view of the west coast of Mauritius.

The gorges is the vestige of an age passed. The last remnant of what uncolonized Mauritius used to be. It is still home to many endemic flora and fauna which explains its popularity for hiking among the locals. To think that once, the dodos used to roam there.

During chinese guava season, it was a thrill as a child to hike down the gorge and pick these delicious fruits I have yet to see during my travels. Apparently they are of South American origin.