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Omoide yokocho

Best yokocho in Tokyo

Tokyo has some of the best nightlife in Asia. One of the most pleasant experiences though is also one of the simplest. Go to one of the many old…

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Hotel review: The Okura Prestige Bangkok

The Okura is a fantastic hotel in a fantastic location. It is however relatively expensive for Bangkok. Great only if you want to splurge. Click here for my…

Sofitel Saigon Plaza logo

Hotel review: Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Quite possibly my best hotel experience in Saigon, location aside. Service is excellent and the food outstanding. Highly recommended, esp. for biz travel. Click here for my reviews…

Park Hyatt Saigon logo

Hotel review: Park Hyatt Saigon

Park Hyatt Saigon is probably the most opulent hotel I’ve stayed at in Saigon. Worthy of all its stars but these come with a high price tag. Click…

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur logo

Hotel review: Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur is the perfect hotel for short business trips in Kuala Lumpur as the direct train to the airport is right next door. Click here…

Liberty Central Saigon logo

Hotel review: Liberty Central Saigon

Liberty Saigon is probably the best value for money hotel I’ve stayed at in Saigon. Plus they have a great cocktail bar and a fantastic cinema. Click here…

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya logo

Hotel review: Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

Hotel Majapahit reminds me a lot of Raffles hotel in Singapore. Old colonial charm with very good service. Does help that they have a live band bar too….

Holiday Inn BKK logo

Hotel review: Holiday Inn Bangkok

Great location but not the best bang for your buck. Rooms are sub-par and hotel feels rather old. You can get much better value elsewhere. Click here for…

Air Asia the worst airline in Asia

Air Asia, probably the worst airline in Asia

I know, i know. You get what you pay for. But Air Asia takes service to a level so low that the only point I can give them on 10 is because they…

Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi

Majestic Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi

This post about our trip to Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi has been such a long time coming. It’s been a year now since I was there. As memorable as the…


Shirakawago: Rural Japan

We made a brief two-hour stop at Shirakawago en route to Kanazawa from Takayama. While we wanted to maximize our JR Pass, the place is not accessible by…


Takayama: Feudal Japan

While Kyoto was incredibly nice and the Gion Matsuri an eye-opener to Japanese festivals, Takayama offered a slice of Japanese culture, tradition and architecture in a setting that…

Geisha in Gion

Kyoto: Of Geishas, Maikos and Matsuris

Kyoto was probably the city I was looking forward to the most on my Japan trip. I’d heard endless stories from fellow travellers about how Kyoto is the…

Mixed beef pho at Pho Hoa

Weekend in Saigon

…and I’m still procrastinating to complete my posts on Japan to talk about my quick weekend in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) while memories are still fresh. It was my fourth…

A weekend in Phuket

Weekend in Phuket

I have so much more to write about my Japan trip but I’ll skip to my short weekend in Phuket last month first. It was my third time in Phuket….


Hiroshima: City of Peace

After Miyajima, we had only a few hours to spare in Hiroshima before heading to Kyoto. Naturally, I wanted to see the A-Bomb Dome and understand the extent of the…

Miyajima: Itsukushima Shrine's Torii Gate

Miyajima: The Ryokan Experience

I read before that Miyajima could be done as a day trip combined with Hiroshima. While that may be true, I am just so glad that I decided…

Osaka shinsekai entrance

Osaka: A laid-back Tokyo

Osaka was the first leg of my Japan tour and landing at Kansai International Airport got me all fired up. I had enjoyed myself tremendously the previous time I…


Touring Japan

I flew to Japan in July 2014, a long overdue trip after a 10-day winter trip to Tokyo four years earlier. I still love the people, the food and…


5 great places to drink cheap in Singapore

Singapore is by far the most expensive place to drink in Southeast Asia. You can find some cheap beer at supermarkets, sure, but once you hit a bar,…