This post about our trip to Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi has been such a long time coming. It’s been a year now since I was there. As memorable as the cities we visited were – Osaka, Kyoto, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Takayama, Kanazawa and Tokyo – none matched the awe of Mount Fuji. True, there was a lake separating us, but Mount Fuji was mighty impressive.

We walked halfway around Lake Kawaguchi which was pretty pleasant. It was not as warm as Tokyo in July and the scenery was fantastic. Common sight is people fishing and families enjoying themselves by the lake, although I didn’t see anyone catching any fish.

We got to the place by train from Tokyo.

We stayed at Mizu no Hotel which gave us a traditional ryokan experience. It didn’t match the ryokan experience in Miyajima but it was nice nonetheless. There was no bathroom in the room. Common bath is applicable to everyone.

We did not plan to go to Fuji-Q Highland theme park but since we had some time, we did. It was incredible. After our trip we read about the park and realised that some of the rides are world famous. Doing Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi is definitely much more than views on the mighty mountain.