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Takayama: Feudal Japan

While Kyoto was incredibly nice and the Gion Matsuri an eye-opener to Japanese festivals, Takayama offered a slice of Japanese culture, tradition and architecture in a setting that…

Geisha in Gion

Kyoto: Of Geishas, Maikos and Matsuris

Kyoto was probably the city I was looking forward to the most on my Japan trip. I’d heard endless stories from fellow travellers about how Kyoto is the…

Mixed beef pho at Pho Hoa

Weekend in Saigon

…and I’m still procrastinating to complete my posts on Japan to talk about my quick weekend in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) while memories are still fresh. It was my fourth…

A weekend in Phuket

Weekend in Phuket

I have so much more to write about my Japan trip but I’ll skip to my short weekend in Phuket last month first. It was my third time in Phuket….


Hiroshima: City of Peace

After Miyajima, we had only a few hours to spare in Hiroshima before heading to Kyoto. Naturally, I wanted to see the A-Bomb Dome and understand the extent of the…

Miyajima: Itsukushima Shrine's Torii Gate

Miyajima: The Ryokan Experience

I read before that Miyajima could be done as a day trip combined with Hiroshima. While that may be true, I am just so glad that I decided…

Osaka shinsekai entrance

Osaka: A laid-back Tokyo

Osaka was the first leg of my Japan tour and landing at Kansai International Airport got me all fired up. I had enjoyed myself tremendously the previous time I…


Touring Japan

I flew to Japan in July 2014, a long overdue trip after a 10-day winter trip to Tokyo four years earlier. I still love the people, the food and…


5 great places to drink cheap in Singapore

Singapore is by far the most expensive place to drink in Southeast Asia. You can find some cheap beer at supermarkets, sure, but once you hit a bar,…

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang

My trip from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang may have been a nightmare because of the ridiculously cold weather and incessantly winding roads, but I just love that…


Laos backpacking experience

I had two and half weeks off in December 2013 and decided to explore Laos, one of the few countries I had yet to see in Southeast Asia….

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng

When you reach Vang Vieng by land from Vientiane or Luang Prabang, you see yourself on a defunct air strip where dogs run about freely and kids play…

Sihome Backpackers Hostel


I was in Vientiane twice during my trip as were many other travellers. It’s usually a pit stop at the beginning and end of your journey in Laos….


Tokyo Food Porn

I recently visited Japan and Tokyo again but a couple of years ago, I was in Tokyo largely because I wanted to try some of the oldest restaurants in…

El Nido: View from Islandfront Cottages

Gorgeous seas of El Nido

Boracay has been labelled by many as one of the top beach destinations in Asia. I haven’t been there yet but from what I hear, it is a…

Weekend in Bali

Weekend in Bali

Bali holds fantastic memories for me. I enjoyed my times surfing the waves at Kuta and riding aimlessly with my ex-housemates. Or with my ex-colleagues and friends pigging…

Weekend in Koh Samet

Weekend in Koh Samet

Bangkok is a great place but sometimes it gets overwhelming with all the hustle and bustle. If you want a cheap, quick and easy get-away, then a weekend…

Bangkok Jay Fai's crab omelette

Pigging out in Bangkok

I travel to Bangkok a number of times every year and among all the things I love about the place, food probably sits right at the top. On…