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Johahn bhurrutI’m originally from Mauritius but I’ve been calling Singapore home since 1998. I’ll attribute my extended stay here to Singapore’s status as a major travel hub. I’ve travelled extensively within and from Asia. Asia Escapades is all about these travel experiences….primarily in Asia but not just. Drop me a line or two, don’t be shy!


  1. Greetings Johahn! I loved you blog, really, preety interesting about the places you’ve visited. Johahn, I would like to ask you with all due respect if you got an email in whih I could ask you some things about Myanmar, I’m looking forward to talk with you!
    Regards and hugs.

  2. Hi Johahn,
    Great blog. Looking forward to read about your next adventure.

  3. Johahn, thanks for the info about Mauritius, great website. I might go there in the middle of August. Cheers Benny

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